"Let's enjoy the pregnancy even more!"

You can really understand the growth of the baby in your tummy!

You can record your physical condition and memories of your pregnancy!

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The BABY BOOK service
preserves the priceless memories in 280days!

We can turn the memories recorded in 280days into a book.
We prepare a data version and printed version of the book. It is a service that beautifully preserves the priceless memories of the time that you spent with the baby in your tummy recorded in 280days.

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2018/11/20 【News Release】

We have released ver. 2.0.0 that includes the "BABY BOOK" service which can turn the data recorded in 280days into a book.

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280days is a pregnancy record and diary app
that can be shared by a couple
It connects the pregnant Mommy,
the baby in her tummy and the Daddy!

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Let's enjoy
the pregnancy even more!

FEATURE01Special features of 280days

You can really understand
the current condition of the baby
in your tummy!
As the baby grows with the number of weeks
of Mommy's pregnancy,
you can enjoy understanding
the pregnancy by chatting together.

FEATURE01 トツキトオカの特徴
    • The eyelids
      have opened!
    • 指を1本1本動かせる
    • 赤ちゃんの性別は受精の
    • ママ、大好きだよ!

The kind of
talk changes
every day!

FEATURE02Special features of 280days

Because Mommy can share details
about her physical condition and thoughts,
the couple can work together
to nurture the baby!
Mommy's physical condition records,
medical examination schedule & records
and pregnancy diary can be shared by the couple.

FEATURE02 トツキトオカの特徴

The couple
can share!

Morning sickness
is so hard ~ !!

I understand!
I'll come home
early to help you!

FEATURE03Special features of 280days

Enjoy the pregnancy more
with pregnancy advice
and support message & card functions!
Advice according to the number
of weeks of the pregnancy,
support messages to Mommy,
and baby's growth record card
are full of fun features.

There is advice for Daddy, too!

FEATURE04Special features of 280days

You can preserve the priceless memories
of 280days in a book!
We will send the data that you recorded in the app
to your home as a book. (Additional charge)

You can make a


Even if it is only Mommy or if you are having twins you can still enjoy it!

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